10 years

Published October 12, 2016 by dapithapon

It’s been 10 years since the last time I saw you.
Our last encounter was filled with confusion.
My feelings for you back then was like a color of Spring,
Memories of blooming flowers cascading the mountain slopes,
Scent of carnation, pitimini rose flowers, kampupot, ilang-ilang
and Dama de Noche lingered on my senses and imagination.

Your smile was like a sweet nectar of santan.
Your presence was a mist after the rain,
and your eyes glistened like morning dew.
But, your thoughts were unfathomable
like the depths of an abandoned water well.
Your actions contradict your words.
It totally messed up my comprehension about you.

My last card was to invite you for coffee.
I even sent you a box of pulvoron.
Too bad, I was a complete coward.
Being a girl, I thought my aggressiveness will disappoint you.
I chickened out just when I was about to hear your reply.

Fast forward to 2016,
We met by chance again.
The moment we set our eyes on each other,
I knew that you recognized me in an instant.
I was so excited to see you and hear your voice again,
I held your hands while we had our conversation.
You asked for my number
and I gave it without hesitation.

Three weeks after that chance encounter,
I haven’t received a single message from you.
Was our chance meeting our final goodbye?

Whatever the reason is,
I lost this game.
I thought we could rekindle our feelings.
I guess from the beginning,
I was the only one who felt something.

Thank you for the memories.


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