Looking for DR. SJT

Published July 8, 2016 by dapithapon

He’s my former dentist. I remember how funny was our first meeting. That was in 2004. That time, I was really suffering from a severe toothache.

I went to our company’s dental clinic and desperately begged the dental assistant (DA) to accommodate me while showing her the result of my dental X-ray. The clinic’s policy is to only accept patients with dental appointment except if it’s a matter of life and death situation.

Since I couldn’t tolerate the pain anymore, I felt that it’s a BIG EMERGENCY and I don’t care if I lose my composure as long as they’ll accept me as their patient for that day.

Suddenly, a tall, young-looking mestizo guy wearing a red polo shirt and maong jeans entered the door. He saw how I was trying to convince the DA like a childish, immature woman, and politely interrupted our conversation.

He said “Hi! May I see the one that you’re holding? Maybe I can help.”

I looked at him from head to foot and I thought, wow! This guy’s so presko. I don’t care if he looks handsome. Who gave him the right to interrupt our conversation?

I ignored him but he approached the DA and got my x-ray results from her. He then told  me “It seems that you need a root canal.”

I was so annoyed at him so, I asked the DA if she could please call the dentist to explain things to me instead of having to listen to that guy.

Finally, a middle-aged dentist went out of the cubicle and asked what’s going on. I explained to him my situation and he finally agreed to examine my teeth.

My heart palpitated like a ticking bomb while waiting for an answer. Then, I gasped when the dentist said, “You need a root canal.”

The mestizo guy laughed at me upon hearing what the dentist said. I blushed and was quite furious at him and tried so hard to pretend that he does not exist.

Then, the dentist gave me a prescription for my toothache and asked me to come back but he required me to choose among the dentists listed on the appointment log book and get an available schedule for my next visit.

Frankly, I don’t know anyone in that clinic so, I have chosen the one with the least number of patients.

Before I left, I noticed that the guy was smiling at me and said goodbye. Of course, I scowled at him.

I went home disappointed because of what happened. I really thought there was another solution for my toothache. :-p

The following week, I went back to the dental clinic for my appointment. The DA graciously led me to one of the cubicles. While waiting for the unknown dentist, I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

When the dentist arrived, he said in a calm baritone voice, “You can open your eyes now.”

I was shocked upon seeing who the dentist was and said to myself, “Oh.My.God. It’s him! That jerk who laughed at me during my last visit!”

When he grinned at me, I realized that he recognized me. Okayyy.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I soon overcomed my annoyance at him when I realized that he was a damn good dentist.  Dr. SJT (his initials) and I eventually formed a dentist-patient bond. Since I needed a root canal, I had a weekly visit to the dental clinic.

I also became friends with the DAs there as well as the other dentists who thought that Dr. SJT and I have chemistry and tried to pair us.

After a year of getting to know each other, I sort of developed a strong attraction to him and I was so sure that he felt the same. During the last day of our session, we almost kissed! We were just interrupted by one of the DAs so, nothing happened.

The following day, I bought Dr. SJT his favorite pulvoron and wrote a note asking him to join me for a cup of coffee at a fancy restaurant. I asked our messenger to send it to him.

However, I stood him up. I got scared. In fact, I was so scared and ashamed of what I did that I didn’t show up to the clinic for three months.

When at last I mustered all my confidence to show up, I could sense his big tampo to me. He acted as if he wanted to say something but opted to just give me a silent treatment.

That was in the year 2006. I knew it was the last session that I’ll ever see him. That year, I decided to resign from our office. While completing my clearance, I learned that he also resigned from work and decided to put up his own dental clinic somewhere in Quezon City.

I left without even saying goodbye.  A few months later, I found a new job and I had a new boyfriend (now an ex-boyfriend) but I have never forgotten about him.

Actually, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I tried to look for him on all kinds of social media; researched on all possible dental clinics registered in Quezon City, and I even attempted to borrow a copy of his thesis at the College where he took his master’s degree. However, all I got was his complete name.  I never found any information that will lead me to him. It’s as if I have reached the dead end.

The truth is, I could have asked his former colleagues at the Dental Clinic about his whereabouts. But, I didn’t. I was  scared to dig deeper because I’m not sure how I will face him if we meet again. I am also scared of rejection and so, I stopped looking for him.

Until now, somewhere deep within me, I feel this nagging regret because of what happened. I am curious to know if I could still see him someday.

How I wish that our paths will cross again. 🙂



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