Little Bird

Published September 21, 2015 by dapithapon


Little Bird

A little bird once told me
“Don’t be sad. I will never leave you.”
I stared at the sweet creature with vacant eyes,
feeling so jaded to hold on to its promise.

But the little bird seemed determined not to leave my side.
It stood at a tree branch like a brave soldier
while munching worms for breakfast.

Then one day, the gray clouds covered the blue sky like a blanket,
and the ice cold rain began to fall like teardrops.
Looking frightened by the unexpected downpour,
the little bird flew away and left me,
alone and shivering.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest,
because the little bird didn’t keep its word.
I turned around weeping
and walked away as fast as I could.

A few minutes later,
the little bird, furiously flapping its soaked wings,
came back carrying a leaf in its beak,
large enough to shield one’s head.
But, I was nowhere to be found.
I left without knowing that my tiny friend
never abandoned me.

Feeling tired and lonely,
the little bird began to chirp and chirp,
hoping for me to hear it from afar.

                                                                                              ~dapithapon / 9.21.2015


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