Published September 18, 2015 by dapithapon


The sea calms my heart but not my mind.
Each time I throw some pebbles from the shore into the sea,
I think about the struggles that confront me every day.
How I wish those pebbles were like my problems,
Once washed away by waves of salty water and sea foams,
it will never come back.

~ dapithapon / 9.17.2015


4 comments on “Seafoam

      • I get you. You make a great point. Facing your problems head on is the best thing sometimes. At certain times it is wise to step aside and let the storm pass rather than stand to face it head on and give it a chance to lift you off your feet. The tree and the grass teach us there is wisdom in this. After a strong windstorm go out and take a look at the trees and the grass. The ones that took on the storm head on are all lying flat on the ground never to get up again. The ones that bent and gave way to the wind to pass over their heads are able to get up and stand again.

  • Thank you so much, Sir, for the words of wisdom! I will treasure this in my heart. It gave me a different perspective on how to handle my problems. I badly need this advice now that I’m being challenge by a personal problem. I am really grateful for your insight. God bless you, Sir. 🙂

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