Published August 26, 2015 by dapithapon


Looking at her sneakers
covering her small feet,
she thought of all her journeys in life,
walking and running alone most of the time,
leaving only a pair of shoe prints to the places she went to.

Every single day of going to work in the morning and
coming home late at night,
She walks in solitude with only a pair of sneakers and the nameless crowd as companion.
Every step she does feels empty
like the sound of a hollow tin can she kicks on the road.
She walks at her own pace, trying to be oblivious
to the chaos around.

While sitting on the cold floor of her favorite sanctuary to rest,
she smiled bitterly at her worn out shoes.
And then, silently, she asked herself:
“Will I ever sit like this again on the floor
and take a photo of my sneakers beside another pair someday?”

~dapithapon/ 8.25.2015


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