And we met by chance again

Published July 4, 2015 by dapithapon

After several months
Of not seeing even a glimpse of your shadow,
We met by chance again.
For the number of times that I passed by
the place where we first met,
we never bumped into each other.
So I asked the universe,
Why did you suddenly appear from nowhere?
When you saw me,
You acted as if it was the first time
that you have seen me.
You said “Wow! You look good!”
And then, you pinched my cheeks.
I was so surprised by your gesture,
I almost choked while stupidly
explaining myself why I look different.
Damn nerves, alright!
I wanted to ask you then,
Was it a sweet lie or not?
I went to your work place a week
after our unexpected meeting.
Not to visit you but for official reasons.
You asked why I was there.
I said I needed something.
You went back to your desk
and decided to ignore me.
While talking to your colleague,
I felt again your presence.
You stood up and walked to and fro
to the hallway where I could perfectly see you,
as if something was bothering you.
You never attempted to approach me.
But, I know that you were looking at me.
Why do you always have to confuse my feelings?
Do you also feel nervous whenever we meet?
Please tell me what’s on your mind.
You’re really getting into my nerves.
I wanted to confront you.
But, I can’t.
I have no right.

Sadly, I have no right…
                                                                   ~dapithapon /07.04.2015


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