Dear Friend

Published March 31, 2015 by dapithapon

Every time you’re near me,
I get so nervous.
My heart is beating so fast.
It seems like you’re in my system,
Affecting every core of my body.

My hands and knees are shaking,
My head is spinning,
I find it harder to breathe.

You’re taking over my emotions.
You’re always in my head.
I hate this feeling.
It’s painful.
It almost feels like torture.

The truth is slowly killing me.
Why did it have to be someone like you?
A man owned by no one but himself.
Who loves no one but his self.

You’re a self-absorbed bastard
Who wants to rule the world.
I should have ran away from you
Because now you own me, too.

Why is it that every time you’re near me,
I feel like dying?

Boy, don’t shower me with kindness.
I’m melting like ice.
Don’t show your pretty face.
I’m losing control of my feelings.
You’re like a drug.
I think I’m already addicted to you.

Please stay away from me,
For I have fallen for you.

~ dapithapon / 3.29.2015


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