The Box

Published March 17, 2015 by dapithapon

The Box

We both tried to work it out.
We struggled to pick up all the scattered pieces of
our happy memories together
and put them inside an empty box.

As we fill in the box, it suddenly felt heavy.
Then, we helped each other carry it,
To take it to a place where we can mend
what we have torn apart.

But, along the way, our load became lighter and lighter.
One of us said, “It sure is heavy a while ago. What went wrong?”

We stopped and looked inside the box,
only to find out that there is a tiny hole in it.

As soon as we reached our destination,
we are once again carrying an empty box,
And nothing was left of what we tried to save.

                                           ~dapithapon / 3.16. 2014


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