Published March 12, 2015 by dapithapon


From your window,

You can see the stars in the cloudless sky

and painted a melancholic smile on your lips.

You tried to imagine that this is the happiest moment of your life.

But, you know it’s a lie.

The night is calm as if the earth suddenly stood still.

No wind is passing through,

Not even a crackling sound of dry leaves can be heard

except for your muffled cries and sigh of despair.

The heart is restless.

You can almost hear its palpitation,

beating like drums

and paralyzing your senses.

You picked up a silver coin

and tossed up in the air.

And then, you asked yourself:

Heads or tails?

Does it really matter?

                                                                  ~dapithapon / 3.09.2015


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