Published January 31, 2015 by dapithapon

Note:  My friend’s tragic love story inspired me to write this poem.


Looking at the four corners of my almost empty room,

I can still feel your presence as if you’ve never left.

I can hear your whispers like echoes from the wall.

I covered my ears like crazy to muffle the sound of anguish

from your almost breathless voice.

I thought I smell the faint scent of your aftershave,

assaulting my senses,

stimulating every fiber of my body,

and torturing my mind.

When I closed my eyes, I see you smiling at me

but, your eyes speak of loneliness

that I refused to understand.

I wish to tell you this,

before you walked away,

I already saw it coming.

So, I stole an old shirt from your closet

and kept it inside my bag.

I carry this with me like a souvenir from our past,

and often imagine you coming back to me.

Too bad, it will never happen.

I know it won’t.

It never did

and it never will.

                                                             ~ dapithapon / 1.31.2015


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