Random realisation

Published January 17, 2015 by dapithapon

I just had this random realisation about life. It may not be absolute but it definitely captured how I feel about my present situation.

I realized that perhaps, we are limited by the boundaries of our lives. Perhaps, the rose-colored glasses blinded our peripheral view, incapacitating our ability to decipher the magnitude of lies. Perhaps, we refuse to let go of our security blanket, for fear of embracing the unknown. Perhaps, it is inevitable for us to grasp the meaning of our existence. But humans’ capacity to regain control over the most unwanted situation makes us resilient to drastic changes in our lives.

We triumph over the hardest ordeals because God continuously prepares us as we walk on the less traveled path. Whilst, we lose to some struggles. But, perhaps, if we follow the flicker of light, it will give us hope. It will no longer become an illusion.


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