Published October 25, 2014 by dapithapon

The dark theme of this poem was influenced by an incident last Wednesday night when I was on my way to the MRT Station but had to travel by bus anyway because the train cannot go beyond Shaw Blvd Station. There was traffic everywhere and EDSA was like a huge parking lot. Apparently, someone tried to commit suicide  at the Guadalupe Station and there was an insane disturbance on the road. Talk about a weird inspiration for a poem. LOL! (^^_)



She can see the curtain of rain from her window

like her almost endless tears when he left.

She can hear it hammering the roof

like an unabating drumming of nails,

creating nothing but a melody of despair and solitude.

She can smell the earth from outside

like the lingering scent of blood when she cut her wrist.

Oh yes, she can feel her heart shattering into million pieces

like the crystal glass filled with wine

that she had thrown against the wall.

The night is restless.

No stars are glittering.

The moon is hiding behind the clouds,

with only the lightning swiftly illuminating the dark sky.

Not a single soul is outside

except for a few stray cats and dogs,

soaking wet as they

quietly cross the street.

In the four corners of her room,

she hugged her knees while sitting naked on the floor.

She decided to stand up,

opened the door,

and stepped out of the room,

to drench her pathetic self,

and drown her sorrows.

She danced in the rain,

twisting, turning and jumping,

ignoring the muddy puddles on her feet.

She reveled in her new found freedom…

mindless of her bleeding hands.

~dapithapon / 10.25.2014


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