Moon wish

Published June 11, 2014 by dapithapon

(Slightly edited version of the English translation of my poem “Hiraya sa Bulan”)

Wala pa rin akong DSLR hanggang ngayon

Moon wish

Sixty million microseconds ago,

I was chasing the shadows from nowhere 

Tonight, the moon is seducing me, 

enticing my eyes towards the ring in the cloud

that fleetingly engulf its beauty.

As the wind caresses my cheeks,

a speck of tear wells from the corner of my eye

while the light illuminates the shadows on my face,

I look  above the sky that is as murky as the magician’s cape

and mumbled this poignant question:

“In the vastness of the dark empty space, 

tainted with sparkling diamonds and deceit, 

I wonder, 

Are we looking at the same sky?

                                                                                             — dapithapon


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