Knife wielder and ladle beauties

Published November 7, 2012 by dapithapon

I was a knife wielder in my dream last Halloween.

By the way, I added “Dreams” as a new category in my blog for two reasons: 1) Most of my dreams are either really weird or unforgettable; and 2) I find it easier to type my entries using a laptop rather than scribbling it to my journal because the narrative is usually long.

I had a weird one last Halloween. What transpired was really interesting because I think it was influenced by the Japanese film (with English subs) that I had patiently watched for more than 2 hours before sleeping.

In that dream I was in the kitchen with my two friends, Anna and Pia,  and the three of us were wearing black Japanese kimonos, similar to a ninja costume. Each of us were doing specific tasks. All I know is that, we were trying to cook something for dinner and it was already 4:00 p.m.

Anna was holding a deep ladle and was stirring something from a huge stainless pot that can probably feed a hundred people. Pia, on the other hand, was frying ten tilapia in one big frying pan. Meanwhile, I was holding two chef’s knives and was chopping some vegetables with extraordinary speed, like a real pro! What was strange about it is that, I am never good at chopping vegetables in real life. I usually cut myself accidentally whenever I try to copy the way chef’s cut their veggie ingredients.

Anyway, while the three of us were busy, armed ninjas opened the door from our kitchen. Suddenly, 20 ninjas attacked us with pocket knives, boomerangs and poisonous darts. But surprisingly and with great agility, we were able to evade all the weapons being thrown at us. All the weapons either hit the wall or fell on the floor.

Then, someone from the attackers made an eye contact and signaled us to go outside. I asked Anna and Pia to follow me. Then, when we were all outside the house, we started attacking the ninjas.

Surprise, surprise! We won the battle. Then, three ninjas left tried to escape but we ran after them until we found ourselves deep into the woods with hundreds of other ninjas waiting for us.

The battle began. Anna and Pia who were both firmly holding their ladles used

them as their weapons. I, on the other hand, used the two chef’s knives as my weapon. We kicked, rolled over, jumped, hit with an uppercut and slashed all the ninjas. It was like a scene from the Japanese movie Azumi. 

Soon enough, the bloodshed stopped and we killed all the ninjas. When we felt that nobody will attack us anymore, we wiped the blood from our improvised weapons and walked on our way home.

Upon reaching our house, I saw the three of us heading straight to the kitchen and washed the two ladles and the chef’s knives with dishwashing liquid soap and water.

Then…we started cooking again using our respective utensils.

That’s when I suddenly woke up gasping for air and feeling restless.


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