Philippine Politics and the idiosyncrasies of Lady Gaga

Published May 22, 2012 by dapithapon

************START OF RANT************

I am not pretending to be an intellectual here. I just want to express my disgust in Philippine politics. It is simply a smorgasborg of trapos and wannabes. How can our country move to the higher grounds if the leaders who are supposed to lead us there are just as rotten as the stinking garbage? Most politicians here are greedy vampires sucking people’s money from the government coffers and unscrupulously spending or “hoarding” these money for personal gains.

What’s even worst is that, these supposed leaders are often grandstanding and yet, they fail to fulfill all their promises to the Filipino people. They are expected to champion the welfare of the masses, fulfill their duties as public servants but, hell NO they didn’t! Instead of attending to important matters, most of these politicians seem to focus their attention to frivolous matters. Ridiculous! Take for instance dipping into issues concerning Lady Gaga’s concert. WTH! Why can’t they just leave Lady Gaga’s concert alone?  Scrutinizing, criticizing and to the point of controlling Lady Gaga’s idiosyncrasies are not a national concern. It won’t alleviate poverty. It won’t solve crimes in our country. Moreover, I don’t think it will significantly improve the PHILIPPINE ECONOMY!


I just hope that all Filipinos will shape up as soon as possible before it’s too late. We should all show our love to the Philippines. This is our country. We need to protect it from the unwanted. At the same time, it is our obligation to save this country from man-made devastation.

I love the Philippines. I am a proud Pinay! I will do everything I can to serve our country. But if I am alone in this endeavor, no amount of service or sacrifice can save this country from self-serving  politicians.

On the bright side, if we help each other and be united in providing solutions instead of creating problems for our country, the Philippines will soar again into greater heights in the future.

Let the Bayanihan spirit live in every Filipino’s heart!

*************END OF RANT*************


2 comments on “Philippine Politics and the idiosyncrasies of Lady Gaga

  • I share your view. Why can’t they just do a “live and let live” attitude to things like Lady Gaga’s concert which is not material. There are more pressing issues like poverty, peace and order, etc. which should be given focus. It seems everyone would like to dip their fingers on a not so important issue to grandstand and make it controversial for their 15-minutes of fame. Sad, so sad…. 😉

    • it’s really sad, ma’am. i just wish our politicians put their intelligence into good use. i still believe that our country will someday see its glory. Filipinos by nature are flexible, industrious and patient people. most of us are talented and intelligent, too. we just need to help each other in rebuilding our nation. 🙂

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