i hate it when it rains because i always remember you…

Published May 26, 2011 by dapithapon

I know it’s been four months since we broke up… I thought I have completely moved on. My schedule is always full. I was so busy and my friends occupied most of my social calendar. But… every time it rains, I end up thinking of you. I can’t help but remember the time I answered ‘Yes’ to you when you asked me at the MRT Station if I can be your gf… It happened last year, around September. It was supposed to be a vague memory now, but, my mind seems to betray me.

In less than four months, my long wait is over. I will no longer hope for anything that concerns you. I will stop hoping that you’ll come back to me. I feel pathetic for waiting for you to come back. But my heart is so stubborn. Here I am, still waiting for you until my time frame is over.

I feel like singing the Greenday’s song Wake Me Up When September Ends because I silently wish that I’ll fall into a coma and wake up after our supposed first year anniversary on September 14…

How I wish my heart will stop hoping and just move forward.

I wish God will give me another chance to love and be loved again. I feel so sad today. The rain didn’t help at all in easing the pain I feel. I really hate rainy days because it’s a constant reminder of what could have been if we didn’t break up…

I feel like crying, but I can’t.

How I wish the rain will stop so I can be whole again…


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