Having some second thoughts…

Published November 30, 2010 by dapithapon

I remember the hit sitcom “Big Bang Theory” whenever I think of my friends. We’re a bunch of cool nerds. None of us belong to the elite group, meaning, people from the alta sociedad. But, most people find our brilliant minds so intimidating that they tend to test the waters first before approaching us.

I was wondering, is it really difficult to fit in my group? I don’t think we’re the type of person who needs high maintenance for we are all flexible and sociable. In fact, we are simple people with simple dreams. It’s not even an issue anymore if a person has a brilliant mind or none. Or is it?

Yes, almost all of my friends are street-smart, witty, intelligent, strong-willed and know how to survive in this world. Despite of all these characteristics, we have this certain innate charm that can affect anyone.Could these be the reasons for our intimidating aura? That’s why, I can’t seem to understand why most men that I dated were so afraid of my friends. Sometimes, I find it so freaking annoying. But, I guess some people are just not used to deal with cool nerds especially during conversations.

Oh well, if they can’t comprehend us, it’s no longer our fault. Everyone has their own sense of weirdness anyway. Right? Ha-ha-ha!


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